Facebook and Instagram Ads

Generate more leads for your clients with the PowLeads Facebook & Instagram ads service. Our experts will design the imagery, write the copy, and build your client campaigns using strategies proven across years of experience and thousands of campaigns.

  • Increase client conversions through proven campaigns
  • Save time by leveraging the PowLeads Ads Team
  • Our team has been selected by Facebook/ Instagram as one of their Facebook Marketing Partners, a status currently designated to only 16 other teams across the UK.


One time fee


Campaign Build Only

$899 P/M
+ 10% ad spend

Full Management

Elite Management

See below for Google and Bing Ads


The rule of thumb is that at least £500/month is needed to get a realistic idea of whether or not a PPC campaign will be ROI-positive, so we recommend starting with £1000/month to start. After the campaign has been live for a month, we’ll make budget recommendations based on the cost-per-conversions.



The odds are yes. The PowLeads ads team has run thousands of campaigns across most industries including SaaS, B2B, course, finance, home services, medical, real estate, insurance, beauty, and countless others. Reach out to our sales team to discuss specific industries.


Yes, it is included in the management campaign and launched after there has been enough traffic to the site. It is not included in the campaign only build, but please enquire about this and we can provide a custom quote.


For the Management campaigns Yes, we will provide you the codes to implement to the landing pages and/or websites. For Campaign build only service it includes a consultation on setting up relevant tracking to enable the advanced features. Either way we have your back!


For the Campaign only build a 30-40 minute phone consultation to understand the brief, product/ service and goals.

1. Access to your Facebook business manager account.

2. You need to have your Facebook Business page setup in advance of our work. If you don’t have one and need one built contact us before buying for advice.

3. Delivery time is usually 5 -8 working days from when we have all the info/ access back.

4. Our build delivers up to 6 different ads. Each of these campaigns can be specifically designed/ targeted to your goals.

5. Ad Images – We will use stock images to create ads in absence of images provided by buyer.

6. We require a full consultation with regards to your business, competitors, and marketplace before we conduct our own analysis and start the build.

7. Post Build Support – We don’t deliver the build and walk away – post build one of our techs will walk you through our build and the back end answering any questions you may have.



We don’t tie clients into long contract. We run a simple rolling 30-day contract that can be cancelled at any time.


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