Social Referral Assistant

Facebook groups are an excellent source of knowledge, but they are also an excellent source of recommendations!

The issue is that you cannot be everywhere at once and check on groups on a regular basis in case someone requires your product or service.

This is when this package comes in handy. Particularly for Dental referrals!

Social Assistance 40 + multi account recommendation

$699 setup

Then $899 Monthly

 Get a trained VA to monitor and reply to multiple keywords using 5x accounts!


Social Assistance 20

$699 Setup

Then $549 Monthly

Get a trained VA to monitor and reply to multiple keywords using Social referral finder software!


See below for full package builds, wordpress site builds, funnel creation and more!




Setup typically takes 7-14 days per VA, depending on the amount of training necessary. However, we occasionally have the ideal candidate ready to go, so give us a call!


A single meeting with our staff is generally sufficient to determine what is required and your current situation.

On this call, we will also look at some potential target groups.

We then set out to find the ideal VA for your audience and tasks!

The VA is then trained to use DrDDS and trained in social tactics and selected software.

Each VA is also taught in appointment setting via social media, Facebook group development, and responding to emails, finding data and more.

We exclusively hire people with exceptional English skills, and we make certain that all VAs have superior AI correction software installed just in case!

Your new fully trained VA / Social Referral Assistant will be introduced to you and the team for the first time.

Then, during their first week, they will strive to do all assigned jobs exactly as specified on their training.

They will then notify us and you if the tasks are too small or too large to do in the time allotted.

Your new VA will also offer regular updates to keep you informed of any concerns, changes, and NEW LEADS!


If you let us know before your fist 30 days ends. We will simply find and train a new assistant for you and swap them out! 



We run a 30 day rolling contract with you. If you wish to cancel please give us 30 days notice.


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