The Power of SMS Campaigns

Did you know that SMS campaigns have an 80% open rate compared to email marketing, which boasts a measly 20%?

The incredible thing about PowLeads (shameless plug alert!) is that you can build SMS campaigns directly within the Workflows tab, at the same time as creating your email campaigns. Simple, right?

Now we’ve got that out of the way, here are some of the great ways you can use SMS campaigns that aren’t spammy, but are instead valuable to your customer.

1: Surveys: If you want to gather more information about your customers in a personalised way, SMS surveys could be a great option. This gets them to give you more information or feedback without the rigmarole of chasing up emails.

2: Meeting Reminders: Meeting reminders sent directly to my phone would have saved me the embarrassment of forgetting a meeting, that’s for sure! Customers are far more likely to respond to a meeting reminder over SMS than email, which in turn saves you time and missed meetings.

3: Short updates: The keyword here is ‘short’! Sending an update on your services, especially if they’re an existing customer, could be a great way of convincing them to buy from you again.

SMS campaigns can be used for new or potential customers, but should be used with care. Your only aim at the start of the conversation is to remind or gather more information, not to sell.

Another important thing to remember is that you must be GDPR compliant, especially if your company is based in the UK. You must always ask for permission when asking for personal data like mobile phone numbers.

You don’t just have to implement SMS campaigns; direct notifications can be valuable as well.

What are direct notifications?

Direct notifications use the apps that (most) people already have on their phone: for example, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter all have direct messaging facilities. These can give you a huge advantage if you use them properly.

Direct notifications, much in the same way as SMS, have an open rate of 88% so could be crucial to getting that engagement or making a sale. There are hundreds of software options online that you could try – we like to use WeChat or ManyChat for Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp bots.

Software like these two examples are fairly cheap and easy to come by, and they could offer yet another platform on which you can reach those crucial target markets.

So, long story short, using your phone is yet another great way to market (or remarket!) to those potential customers you’ve got your eye on. Just make sure you get their permission first!